The Advantages of Scheduling Social Media Posts in Advance

Among Social Media Community Managers, there is a spirited debate questioning whether to schedule posts. The pros are very obvious: you save time and become more efficient but the risks are also apparent – what about the errant or ill-timed post during a potential crisis?
Marketing automation has its advantages but nothing replaces human judgement – someone watching and monitoring public sentiment and whether something is good taste or appropriate to post.
For simple calendar reminders, holiday announcements or FAQ kind of information to help your customer, scheduled posts can be a blessing. But I recommend always keeping an extra eye on your scheduled activities to make sure your organization or brand is still saying what you need to say in the right way … at the right time.

NSPRA: Social School Public Relations

Have you ever had one of those days (or months) where you just can’t keep up with everything being thrown at you? There are times when our office has to take care of an emergency and other things seem to fall by the wayside, including our proactive and positive social media posts.

That is why we find it very beneficial to schedule our social media messages in advance.  Whether it is details about an upcoming district event, back-to-school information or a reminder to take a survey – you can use several tools to set up social media posts ahead of time.

Our office uses the scheduling tool on Facebook as well as the free version of HootSuite for Twitter.

Scheduling your posts offers many opportunities and advantages:

  • You are in control of your posting schedule and can post on social media in the evenings and weekends without having to be…

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