Facebook ads — do they work?

I have used Facebook Ads for school-related campaigns as well as for other types of PR activities. They are a very cost-efficient way to drive awareness and exposure. Try them, but don’t limit yourself. LinkedIn, Twitter and Google PPC ads are valuable sponsored placements.

NSPRA: Social School Public Relations

I had always wanted to try a Facebook ad. Suddenly last spring an opportunity arose when the school board decided – at the very last minute – to approve open enrollment (a new option in our state) for students who live beyond our boundaries.

With only a four-week application window, no advance notice and a tiny budget, I decided social media might be my only affordable option to get the news out quickly.

The process is easy: On your Facebook page, under the gear symbol, click “Create Ad.” Then, just follow the steps.

To create your ad, use a compelling picture, some bullet points that appeal to your target audience and include a link to your website. You can create several different ads if you wish, and the campaign will use them in rotation.

Can you afford this? Yes, because you set the budget up front. Facebook will not exceed the…

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