Email Marketing: A Discussion on Email Subject Lines

I love being sold to, I really do. Especially at the mall, where commission-based salespeople kindly ask if they can “Ask me a question” or if they’re bold enough, just walk up to me and lather the lotion they’re trying to sell me on my hand so I can experience it (yes it has happened).

But that’s face-to-face sales and that’s not what this blog is about.

Let’s talk about e-mail subject lines.

I read a lot of my email via my mobile phone. I get a lot of emails from retailers, because I love to shop and can’t resist coupons. So when I received an email from the other day, I was intrigued. The email subject was VERY long. I think every nearly product they were trying to showcase was mentioned in the email.

Is this the best way to do it? Depends on the strategy. Give them everything at once so you’ve built their awareness and then sell VS. lure them in with something clever and win them over with your great “brand.” There are so many people who really don’t read their email that I don’t blame for just getting to the point.

Consider how other retailers design their emails:

Some keep it short, others embellish a little, but gets it ALL in. And I kind of like it! It is certainly breaking the status quo, but isn’t that the point? You notice it and you want to read it.

But is’s rambling subject line habit good for you to try? Here’s a few resources to help you think about as you curate your own:

Open Rates and Effectives: MailChimp’s tips and Subject Line Researcher project

Hubspot’s Secret Sauce for Awesome email Subject Lines:

Have you seen any email subject lines you liked or absolutely despised? Share your stories!