Silly Signage – June 1 edition (Cemetery)

I was driving by a cemetery in the St. Louis area this week and I noticed they had a sign out front near the entrance that read “Celebrating 100 years.”  That’s right. Let’s celebrate … SOMETHING.

OK. What exactly are we celebrating? The fact that there are more dead people? That the cemetery has been around for a really long time?

Maybe they should have been more specific with a tagline of some sort to clarify. Just saying!

Moral of the story: Your signage should be clear and communicate more than just a vague message. Otherwise you may miss an opportunity to score a home run with your audience.

For example, the cemetery could had something under the “Celebrating 100 years” like “In your community” or “Family-owned and operated since 19XX.”

Am I overthinking this? Let me know.  And if you’ve seen some silly signage, pass it along so I can share the sign for a future post.