A PR Basic Reinforced – Humanize the Story


Put a face on it - the power of humanizing the process behind your product or service.

I was surfing the net when I came across an interview with the CEO of a global PR firm who gave out a list of tips. I love reading lists and couldn’t resist.

The first one, “Humanize the story,” seemed too simple to be included in such a list at first. I could hear the “C’mon, give me something I can use!” phrase in my head. But when I really started to think about the suggestion I realized it was truly worthy enough to be said.

Putting a face behind the product or service you’re trying to sell is one of the most strongest ways to tell your company’s story and explain your brand to an uninformed public.

Humanizing a story is a lesson from the newsie 101 playbook, but how can such a principle get lost in public relations? To me, it’s usually the first way I think about when cultivating a strategy. Are PR professionals too busy overwhelming an audience with the details of their latest campaign before thinking about how to make the pitch actually useful to reporters? Maybe.

Such a simple tip reminds me of how much PR is similar to journalism – it’s all about the storytelling and content is always king.