Cory Sielfleisch
Cory Sielfleisch
Assistant Community Manager at Nestlé Purina

Ameerah is a creative, energetic leader with a marketing sense that is second to none. As a young marketer, I knew I could always count on Ameerah to provide thoughtful feedback that would help me with my day-to-day social media responsibilities. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and the entire St. Andrew’s staff. I truly hope our paths cross again one day!

August 3, 2012, Cory was a consultant or contractor to Ameerah C. at St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System

Mary Alice Ryan
Mary Alice Ryan
CEO at St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors; senior services, nursing homes,retirement apts, home based services

Ameerah Cetawayo is presently our Corporate Communications Manager and her enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and eagerness to help all would be an asset to anyone. While St. Andrew’s will dearly miss her, we wish her well in her move to New Jersey .

In her time with us, she has been an integral part of St. Andrew’s internal and external communications, from taking over our entire social media program without outside assistance, remodeling our website, shooting and editing videos for our electronic newsletter, upgrading our blog, securing placements in local media and being a community representative in the neighborhood on behalf of the Corporate Office. Her insight into digital public relations and website conversion trends has greatly enhanced the census development efforts and gotten results.less

June 25, 2012, Mary Alice managed Ameerah C. indirectly at St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System

Mark Baldridge
Mark Baldridge
Senior Social Media Manager at GROUP360 Worldwide

I had an excellent experience with Ameerah while working on the St. Andrews Resources for Seniors Systems account. Ameerah’s attention-to-detail and organization is second to none. Those traits showed through during our project management calibration meetings, as Ameerah always exhibited a forward-thinking mindset, which allowed for a very positive partnership overall. It was a pleasure working with Ameerah and I’d recommend her for any fast-paced, detail-oriented assignment!less

May 8, 2012, Mark was a consultant or contractor to Ameerah C. at St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System

Christopher MacLellan, CSA
Christopher MacLellan, CSA
Host: Be A Healthy Caregiver’ on Blog Talk Radio. Coordinator of Senior Services at SunServe

Ameerah is a top flight professional, attuned to the ever changing world of media relations and social networking. With active listening skills, followed by precise questions, Ameerah gets to the root of her clients needs, allowing her to deliver exceptional collateral material. Ameerah’s communication skills are outstanding, both in print and in word. Ameerah is a problem solver, not a problem creator. She collaborates and is willing to think out-side-the-box. It is a pleasure to work with her on so many different projects.less

December 27, 2011, Christopher worked directly with Ameerah C. at St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System

Peter R. Barber
Peter R. Barber
Staff Photographer at The Daily Gazette and Owner, photography

There is no one I know who is more resourceful as Ameerah and always gets the job done no matter what the task. She wears a cheerful countenance at all times and it is reflected in her work. She is an asset to any company or organization.

September 15, 2011, Peter R. worked with Ameerah C. at St. Andrew’s Resources for Seniors System

Michael Edge
Michael Edge
Owner, ME

Ameerah’s talents have yet to be fully appreciated by the media world. She represents a young woman with wit, intelligence,and the drive to get any job done. recognize Ameerah has a long way to go iin her life and career. Hook up with her now while you have the chance. Once she has reached the height of her career…don’t be surprised to see her settle out West and pursue new life and cowboy adventures, Truly one of a kind and very difficult to find in this era, I heartily recommend Ameerah

January 11, 2011, Michael was with another company when working with Ameerah C. at AmeerahPR.com

Larry Zimbler
Larry Zimbler
Solutions Architect President Liberteks Founder smAlbany MBA MSBS MCSE CCNSP

My experience with Ameerah is that she is an incredibly focused and capable business reporter.

She recognizes immediately a good news story and digs into the most pertinent angles to draw out the real story, which she makes understandable to her readers with solid prose.

She has a wide breath of industry knowledge, in multiple industries. Ameerah is also skilled in social media, and she’ll a pleasure to work with.

July 9, 2010, Larry was with another company when working with Ameerah C. at The Daily Gazette

Leesa Perazzo
Leesa Perazzo
Group Sales Manager, Proctors & Capital Rep Theatres

Although technically I haven’t “hired” Ameerah, we did work together quite a bit when she was a business reporter for the Gazette Newspapers. I found Ameerah to be thorough, reliable and creative. She was always a pleasure to work with. I recommend her without hesitation.

Dan Beaulac
Dan Beaulac

In a business based on unpredictability, having a reliable staff is vital. Ameerah is more than capable of handling the high stress environment of news. She is dependable, hard-working, and always strives for the highest quality. She is also very personable, patient, and supportive with new hires. I recommend her without hesitation.

June 29, 2009, Dan reported to Ameerah C. at WNYT

Chris Houchens
Chris Houchens
Over 20 years of experience in Media + Marketing

Ameerah is a great example of how journalists should embrace the web. While at the Daily News, she always showed an eagerness and willingness to help take our online edition to the next level. In meetings, she stepped up and took a leadership role in crafting the newsroom’s web strategy. She didn’t just think in terms of print, but approached stories with how the web could enhance or complement her story to our readers with items such as audio, video, or deeper content.less

August 24, 2009, Chris managed Ameerah C. indirectly at Bowling Green Daily News

Lynn O'Keefe
Lynn O’Keefe
owner.curator Gallery 916

I got to know Ameerah through her work as a reporter for the Bowling Green Daily News. At first, I was impressed with her clear reporting style. It was obvious that she totally understood what she was writing about and could consistently convey the main points of her story to her readers. When we met in person, I was instantly aware of that clear style and saw the self confidence behind it. I still miss reading her articles in the newspaper but proud of her accomplishments in the business world. This lady will go far!

May 27, 2010, Lynn was with another company when working with Ameerah C. at Bowling Green Daily News

Vince Buckman
Vince Buckman
Certified Hyperbaric Technoligist and Safety Director at Methodist Hospital of Henderson, Kentucky

Ameerah is detail oriented with a unique perspective of how business strategies can affect the the bottom line. From a public company perspective, she is especially insightful regarding the relationship between management and shareholders. Her ability to research and convey results understandably is outstanding.

August 12, 2009, Vince was with another company when working with Ameerah C. at Bowling Green Daily News.

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