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RE: APR Critics: Down With Education!

There are so many public relations and marketing professionals who criticize the APR.

Yet, here I am, studying for the APR exam and hoping to achieve this monumental credential before the year is out.  I am not fazed.

I don’t mind the chatter and I don’t let other people’s definition of the APR persuade my decision to go for the credential. Getting the APR for me is showing my commitment to public relations. That’s it! I love the aspect of striving for a higher standard – this is much needed in PR due to those in the profession who give it a bad name. Even when I was a news reporter I didn’t mind PR people or give them names like “flack,” but I understand they were just doing their job. And on some days, I needed them to help me with my stories, give me access to the CEO or official, or help me round out my perspective.

I appreciate PRSA recognizing that it was time to update the credential and do better. This is a positive step in diversifying the types of people who obtain the APR, and give it more meaning to those who already possess it.

Great Marketing With Car Accessories

Being at the park with the pooch became an unexpected novelty once I noticed his car. A man had not only wrapped his car in a pleasing and colorful design to advertise his car tinting business, he took his message one step further: he installed a business card holder box on the back of the trunk. He’s awesome. And I…

The Evolution of Branding : Q&A with “Brand Zeitgeist” author Chris Houchens

There are people in this world who go with the flow. And then there are people like Chris Houchens, who are progressive, trend-sensitive and always “on to something” and remain a step ahead. He’s someone to watch. As an online and multimedia enthusiast while working as a biz reporter at the Bowling Green Daily News I had a routine of…

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