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Earning the APR: My Thoughts on The Process

Someone recently asked me why I pursued the APR credential. The APR is the Public Relations profession’s only voluntary post-graduate certification program representing the most prestigious credential in the communications industry. I highly recommend the APR. Social media has accelerated the number of people entering the PR profession – in a bad way. You hear of reports of unethical edits…


RE: APR Critics: Down With Education!

There are so many public relations and marketing professionals who criticize the APR.

Yet, here I am, studying for the APR exam and hoping to achieve this monumental credential before the year is out.  I am not fazed.

I don’t mind the chatter and I don’t let other people’s definition of the APR persuade my decision to go for the credential. Getting the APR for me is showing my commitment to public relations. That’s it! I love the aspect of striving for a higher standard – this is much needed in PR due to those in the profession who give it a bad name. Even when I was a news reporter I didn’t mind PR people or give them names like “flack,” but I understand they were just doing their job. And on some days, I needed them to help me with my stories, give me access to the CEO or official, or help me round out my perspective.

I appreciate PRSA recognizing that it was time to update the credential and do better. This is a positive step in diversifying the types of people who obtain the APR, and give it more meaning to those who already possess it.

Writing AP Style with Ameerah

    My workshop – “Writing AP Style” – is published on-line with the help of The College of Saint Rose in Albany,  NY. Check it out! http://mediasite.strose.edu/mediasite/Viewer?peid=acaf840f-51b4-4c47-b511-196f554d1ed0 This workshop goes over common mistakes with AP style for both broadcast and print formats and presents hands-on exercises that will give you practical exposure with AP style and the differences in writing style from…

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